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Choosing the Best Type of Electrolux Vacuum- an Upright or Canister?

By Sean Bleakley

In addition to choosing a bagless or bagged vacuum, you should consider if a canister or upright vacuum cleaner is best suited for your home needs. The major difference between an upright and canister vacuum is that an upright contains both the motor and suction unit all in one while a canister has a motor and a suction unit that is carried separately. Below are some advantages and disadvantages of canister and upright vacuum cleaners

Upright Vacuums

One of the most obvious advantages of an upright vacuum cleaner is the their compact size and ease of storage. You don't have to worry about rolling up a hose or finding extra room in your closet. Another advantage is most Electrolux upright vacuum cleaners (not including stick vacuums) incorporate a telescopic wand that can be used to clean tight corners and stairs. A telescopic wand was at one time the main advantage point of owning a canister, but Electrolux has designed upright vacuums with this feature. Electrolux has also thought of adding a hand level button that allows their upright vacuum cleaners to switch from floor to carpet with ease.

There are a couple of disadvantages when it comes to upright vacuum cleaners. One is they are unable to reach into tight spaces like canisters can. Although Electrolux upright vacuums do have telescopic wands that enable more detailed cleaning, you do still have to reach for a separate attachment to make cleaning in tighter areas possible. One more thing to consider is that upright vacuums can be rather heavy which makes it hard to use in multistory houses or on stairs.

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Canister Vacuums

An advantage to owning a canister vacuum is the maneuverability they allow. You can vacuum under low furniture such as coffee tables with ease. In additional canister vacuums are usually a lot more lighter than uprights because the majority of the weight is located in the canister while the suction hose is easy to carry around which makes cleaning stairs much easier. Some would also argue that canisters are easier to store because the suction hose can be detached and the motor unit can be tucked away in a closet.

Disadvantages to owning a canister vacuum are few but they should be considered. One common complaint is that canister vacuums can ding furniture if not careful. Another issue is having to tug the canister unit while vacuuming and the risk of hitting objects. Electrolux canister vacuums have over-molded wheels that act as guards against accidental damage.

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